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To Fly or To Fry: Site Reviews from the Sadistic Pair
Patron Saints

Below are our beloved patron saints...They guard our site and prevent people from flaming us so please do not try. Please pay homage to our beloved saints and give them your graces. Thank you once again.

Dilandau Albatou

Ahhhh...Dilandau. Our ultimate patron saint. He guards our site well and flames anyone is is nonsensical or ugly in behavior. Thank you for stopping by and if you would like to give a little something, the offering table is at the right (a fine wine is good for starters).


Tomo is our patron saint to magic and illusion (obviously). He too protects this site, as well as throwing in a little magic and mystery when needed. So please pay your respects and he will not capture you with his illusion powers.

Lady Une

Lady Une....Need we say more. She is our patron saint of leaderships which she displays quite effectively...We beg you not to anger her, unless of course you want to die. Maybe if you say she's a powerful woman, you'll get on her good side, but we doubt it.

Yukishiro Enishi

Enishi, our patron saint of destiny. Perhaps he will lead you to the path of happiness....you'll have to ask him if you desire the answer, but be wary, Enishi is quite good with a sword. We thank you for paying your respects and hope you continue to explore the chambers of our site.


Here he is.....the future Trunks seeking to destroy all those who come to harm this site. He is our patron saint of power so please don't make him angry, as would doing such, would harm you and could possibly damage this area of the site. Please pay your homage and continue on your quest to have your site reviewed.


Neflite....our patron saint of loyalty. Yes I know it is strange, but he was loyal to the little brooklyn-japanese cross breed Molly. So here he is, looking good and protecting this site with the powers of the stars.

Ashram and Pirotess

Ahhh.....Ashram and Pirotess, out patron saints of, yes we will utter the word, Love. These two have proven themselves worthy of this title, but don't let the word "love" trick you because they are as powerful and evil as the fiercest villian in all of anime history. So please be kind and do not disrupt this potent couple.


Ahhhh...Saffron is our Patron of Light. He thanks your for stopping by. He also offers light to guide you down these dark halls. Please be nice to him, because where there is light...there just might be darkness.


Vicious is our Patron Saint of Betrayal....don't turn your back on him because he will definitely make you regret it.

Millions Knives

*REQUESTED* The lovely patron saint of nature, Knives. He watches over this site with care and makes sure it is kept clean from the nasty hands of humans. What can we say, he's just a nature loving guy ^^. So pay your homage with a plant or two, but just don't make him angry...as with all of the patron saints.